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Sweet Pea Landscaping Services

What We Offer

Lawn Mower Selection Support

Lawn Care

Our custom Lawn Care services provide solutions for a variety of outdoor spaces. We cater to the needs and requirements of each and every client, guaranteeing you’ll get exactly what you want.

Falling Leaves

Yard Cleanup

General yard cleanup including seasonal tidying.

Image by Jason Long


Hand weeding, weed whacking, or both!

Image by Paul Green

Mulch, Rock Work, and Planting

High-quality mulch, rocks, and various vegetation are ready to sweeten up your yard!

Image by Osman Rana

Hedge Trimming

With specialized tools, we are ready to trim all overgrown hedges for a clean-cut look to promote healthy growth!

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Snow Removal

Come the winter months, we do not slow down. Whether sidewalks or driveways, we are prepared to get you out of the house without trudging through the snow. With shovels, gravel, and snow blowers we are here to help.

Image by Eco Warrior Princess

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